Buono, Bravo, Boretti

Inspired by the Italian kitchen, Boretti saw the light at the end of the previous century. A new brand that would definitively change the kitchen as we know it. From the point of view of design but also of functionality, stylishly formed cookers were created on our drawing tables that to this very day still speak to the imagination. By combining high quality materials with durable technical solutions, our products in the kitchen have become true style icons from which the passion for cooking is simply radiated. We may have set the bar high with regard to quality, but we have never denied our Italian roots. Meno è di piu (less is more).Which represents the art of omission, or simplicity, honest and pure, which is characteristic of the Italian kitchen and thereby of our kitchen appliances.

In recent decades, Boretti has changed from a producer of cookers to a brand that delivers a total concept. A logical consequence of the demand of the market, but also of our core philosophy. Because taste is something purely personal, we have a wide range of choices that is unheard of. We know how to give personal design form such that, for every lifestyle, we have a solution that suits every kitchen.

Our passion for cooking, the Italian kitchen, craftsmanship and quality – this is what distinguishes Boretti as a brand. Without making any concessions to the rich (cooking) traditions from the Italian kitchen, as Boretti, we concentrate on a passion strategy that is grafted on three basic pillars:

  • Creative design
  • Functional ease / simplicity
  • Durability and quality

As a brand, Boretti strives for perfection in everything that it does. The cry Buono Bravo Boretti is not simply a hollow phrase. As a brand, we can offer kitchen designers, interior architects, homeowners and end users a durable (complete) solution. Solutions that not only enrich the layout and interior of the kitchen, but also provide a very special atmosphere and experience that contributes to a sense of well-being.

Design, functionality and class. Stylishly designed kitchen appliances that combine quality and durable technical solutions. We transform each kitchen into a fabulous eye-catcher. The kitchen is to be enjoyed. Enjoy one another, but most of all: enjoy life. Today, Boretti is much more than simply a cooker, it is a total concept. A concept that transforms the everyday kitchen into a cucina. Into enjoying one another. To eating good food and drinking. To good conversations with thoughts of the good things in life. Fieriness, passion and complete surrender. That is passion. That is an Italian passion. That is Boretti.


All of our products are always submitted to a strict quality control before they are sold to you. Should you nevertheless experience problems with your device, we sincerely regret this. In that case, we kindly request you to contact our customer service. Our staff will gladly assist you.
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